From Vinyasa to Yin, Pilates and more, our dedicated studio provides a variety of different practices! To help you get to know our instructors, we asked them all to share a little about their journey before Substation!

Our Friendly Instructors

HazelYoga Instructor

I am passionate about yoga, and the profound effects it creates for physical and emotional wellbeing. My focus is on a healthy, happy yoga practice for all students.

Trained by the renowned Claire Missingham, I work with total beginners as well as pro athletes, tailoring each practice to the needs of the student. From private sessions to teaching full football teams, I invite students to focus on themselves – encouraging them on a journey to find a practice that suits their individuality and truly serves them, in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

I am very enthusiastic about delivering engaging, exciting Vinyasa classes. Expect uplifting music and strong flowing sequences, linking movement to breath. Using meditation, asana and pranayama, classes are carefully sequences to be exciting and effective in guiding students through the postures to lead them to an openness both of body and mind, creating a yoga experience that ties together mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to Vinyasa, I often offers Slow Flow classes. A balm for shoulders, wrists, hips and backs – these classes are perfect for climbers looking to add flexibility, promote healing, and for anyone looking to provide balance to a more dynamic exercise program. At Substation, these classes have been designed with climbers in mind, but this style is also ideal for beginners, and yogis looking to balance a more dynamic practice.

BethYoga Instructor

I came to yoga as a compliment to other pursuits such as climbing and mountaineering but soon found the practice had its own immeasurable benefits not only to my body but also my mind. After several years of practice I decided to deepen my knowledge and travelled to India to gain my 200hr training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I studied traditional Indian yogic philosophy under Sudhir Rishi which opened my mind to more than just the physical asanas that are commonly practiced in the western world. I continued to travel on to practice and teach in Thailand, New Zealand and Peru.

I love bringing people of all backgrounds together on the mat. My classes are suitable for beginners through to more experienced yogis and my style is fun, dynamic and mindful.

BeckyYoga Instructor

I have a background in theatre, performance and teacher education. I’m a strong believer in the holistic benefits of yoga and consider myself lucky to have been exposed to a variety of yoga forms over many years. I studied with Yogacampus North, including taking an intensive restorative yoga course with Adelene Cheong who introduced me to the beauty of stillness, relaxation and the joy of meditation. Regarding myself as an eternal student, I am especially interested in philosophies relating to mind/body and spirit. I continue to develop an inquiry based approach to yoga practice and am dedicated to offering yoga classes that provide my students with peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing.

ChloeYoga Instructor

I first came to yoga after experiencing a number of niggles and injuries due to my active lifestyle. I noticed a huge difference once I began practicing regularly, and am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga as a result! The focus of my classes is on functional movement, with a unique and interesting approach. I have a movement and gym background, and all my classes will build strength and mobility, creating balance throughout the whole body. Classes are dynamic, uplifting, and accessible to all, with modifications available for all postures.

SamYoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher, my aim is to enable students to become aware of their breath, body and mind as they practice, and in order to achieve this, I slow things down. I do this because I think life is already busy, hectic and stressful and in my own practice, this is what I am craving – a slow, mindful way to re-connect with my body. So this is how I teach.

My background as a Counselling Psychologist means that I am well aware of the emotional and mental benefits of yoga as much as I am the physical. I can see how a focus on the physical body can benefit the mind, as well as how a focus on the mind and breath benefits the body. This connection is what yoga is about. When I teach my yoga classes, I hope to instil a sense of calm and peace to enable you to let go of physical tension. Sometimes, this is achieved by holding poses for some time to enable our bodies to learn to release. Sometimes this is through working on the breath. And sometimes, we just have to learn to surrender in a space that is safe to do so.

I trained in London, at Yogacampus and have since have had the opportunity to train with Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers, Judith Hanson-Lasater, Simon Low and Norman Blair. If you are new to yoga, these names may mean very little, so by way of explanation, my emphasis has been on grounding, slowing down, restoring ourselves and holding steady on our yoga mat, so that off the mat we can hopefully alter our responses and feel more connected in our life.

CalumYoga Instructor

I found Yoga ten years ago at a point in my life where I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes and at first yoga became the tool to achieve this. It worked, those that know me well know just how much of an effect it had on me and I became a dedicated practitioner with a few local teachers. Eventually my path led me to the Ashtanga yoga, traveling to Manchester as many times a week as possible to practice with Matt Ryan and the other teachers at Yoga Manchester, so dedicated was my practice I even occasionally woke myself up at 4:45a.m to travel to Trafford to practice Mysore practice, the traditional way of learning the Ashtanga Yoga sequences.

In 2014, I traveled to Mysore India to practice with Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI, the birth place and spiritual home of this practice. From there, travelling up to the Himalayas completed my first Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Vijay Amar, returning in 2018 to complete my advanced 500 hour training once again with Vijay Amar.

KateYoga Instructor

I have practised yoga for nearly 20 years studying Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. I always loved the physical benefits of yoga but really never explored the more subtle body and mental benefits until, following treatment for ovarian cancer, I lost all love for yoga. At this point I discovered a much deeper practice turning inward and finding movement from a different place, it completely changed my life. I experienced such huge benefits from this shift that I felt compelled to bring these benefits to others. I completed my Teacher Training Course with Yogacampus and a yoga therapy course with Doug Keller. I feel hugely passionate about bringing a mindful and accessible practice to all. My hope is that anyone considering trying yoga for the first time may take that first step and join me to start their yoga journey and those who already practice arrive on the mat with an open heart and mind. All my classes are suitable for a range of abilities.