The Results Are In!

After a fanstastic day of events and an impressive turnout by people across Cheshire and beyond, we have our very first Sub-Zero winners! The finals featured the top 6 competitors in the qualifying rounds for both male and female categories. The results of the finals alongside some of the photos are featured below!

Male Finalist Results

Female Finalist Results

Podium Position Name
1st Ian Blanshard
2nd Oli Grouseil
3rd Alex Novton
4th Ben Hargreaves
5th James Bailey
6th Pete Wilson
Podium Position Name
1st Emma Edwards
2nd Tilly Vasic
3rd Alice Thompson
4th Maya Arnold
5th Jess Silvester
6th Daphne Brisard

Male 17+ Results

Female 17+ Results

Qualifying Order Qualifying Score  X/200 Name of Participant
1st place 184 Ian Blanshard
2nd Place 181 Pete Wilson
3rd Place 177 Oli Grovnsell
4th Place 174 Ben Hargreaves
5th Place 168 James Bailey
6th Place 167 Henry Wordroper *left so not in finals
7th Place 165 Alex Novton
8th Place 164 Cameron Hartly
9th Place 162 David Kettle
10th Place 161 Chris Seed
11th Place 160 Robin Richmond
12th Place 158 Eddy Barnes
13th Place 154 Elliot Hutchingson
14th Place 150 Felix Remp
15th Place 148 Andi Turner
15th Place 148 David McKinney
15th Place 148 Deema Mozayen
18th Place 145 Mike hutton
18th Place 145 Andrew Abraham
20th Place 144 Richard Hall
21st Place 139 Josh Irwin
21st Place 139 Simon Clancy
21st Place 139 Will De Rvita
24th Place 138 James Twigg
24th Place 138 Matt Oakley
24th Place 138 Lenny Hirsch
27th Place 137 Elliott Elton
28th Place 135 George Cifs
29th Place 134 B Bouska
29th Place 134 Jack Clarke
31st Place 132 Ben Crossley
31st Place 132 Stephen Burgess
33rd Place 130 Zak Simpson
34th Place 124 Coran Duncan
35th Place 110 Stephan Harvey
35th Place 110 Tom Reade
37th Place 109 Carl Biron
38th Place 108 Will Bovwl
39th Place 107 Jim Topling
40th Place 102 Josh Brough
41st Place 100 James Whomsley
41st Place 100 Mike Griffith
43rd Place 97 Matt Finnis
44th Place 95 Thomas Baily
45th Place 93 Greg Croxford
46th Place 92 Matt Urqygart
46th Place 92 Marc Brown
46th Place 92 Chris Garret
49th Place 88 Louis Cotterill
49th Place 88 James Bradley
51st Place 80 Craig Hodson
52nd Place 77 Robert Smith
53rd Place 70 Ben Wood
54th Place 68 George Bright
55th Place 67 Clive Hevey
56th Place 61 Simon Neale
57th Place 60 Jack Cudley
58th Place 59 Rhett Etherington
59th Place 52 Adam Small
Qualifying Order Qualifying Score  X/200 Name of Participant
1st place 171 Alice Thompson
2nd Place 123 Daphne Brisard
3rd Place 119 Jessi Sylvester
4th Place 105 Camilla Jordan
5th Place 94 Gabriella Smith
6th Place 77 Olivia Donoghue
7th Place 65 Rachel Thompson
8th Place 64 Victoria Dale
9th Place 60 Lorna Jones
10th Place 58 Bryony Barber
11th Place 57 Valerie Pow
12th Place 42 Emma Longden
13th Place 39 Olympia Pattison-Cornag
14th Place 31 Connie Ceuppens
15th Place 20 Sally Benjamin
16th Place 10 Judith Ceuppens

Youth Male 14-16

Youth Female 14-16

Qualifying Order Qualifying Score  X/200 Name of Participant
1st place 157 Aneirin Ankrett
2nd Place 104 Ben Birth
3rd Place 87 Jos Barfoot
4th Place 59 Ben Ford
Qualifying Order Qualifying Score  X/200 Name of Participant
1st place 158 Tilly Vasic
2nd Place 154 Emma Edwards
3rd Place 142 Maya Arnold
4th Place 51 Ella Pow

Male U14 Results

Female U14 Results

Finalists Score X/100
1st place 144 Jake Crowther
2nd Place 131 Will Cuthbert
3rd Place 131 Evan Woods
4th Place 131 James Rowley
5th Place 128 Jack Belford
6th Place 126 Dylan Cooper
7th Place 122 Thomas Gilliver
8th Place 116 Spike Cardwell
9th Place 110 William Langley
10th Place 102 Elias Barnsley
11th Place 101 Bill Bridgett
12th Place 81 Evan Finnis
13th Place 74 Jacob Parry
Finalists Score X/100
1st place 125 Alice Booth
2nd Place 120 Neave Stanway
3rd Place 91 Tess Naughton