Regular climbing sessions

Just fancy meeting some mates and getting stuck in? You can always just turn up and pay for a climb. There’s no time slots, no booking required and best of all you can stay for as long as you like!

Weekly Sub Club

If you have children aged 7-14 and they want to make some new friends, challenge themselves and most of all have fun, the Sub-club is ideal. The club welcomes all abilities and provides an exciting and sociable way to progress in the sport.


Located in Macclesfield

How many times have you had to say to your little ones “don’t climb on that table” or “get down from there”? Probably quite a lot, that’s because it’s a natural instinct for humans to climb and given that it’s not acceptable to climb on your neighbours car or on the roof of their Primary School it is discouraged from a young age. At Substation, it’s encouraged and kids absolutely love it, whether it’s their first time on a climbing wall or they’re training for their next bouldering comp you always see a smile on the their face when they’ve got to the top!

The Loft

Perfect place to start

Our dedicated kids and beginners area upstairs is the prerfect place for younger ones or those just starting their climbing journey. No routes are more than intermediate difficulty and there’s a real emphasis on keeping it short reach friendly.