From film and pizza nights, to competitions and other things, there’s always something happening here at substation. Keep up to date with all the latest events and workshops.

Winter League Round 2 – 18/02/20

After a tough first round, we will be doing a reset of the green circuit to start round 2 of our winter series! Challenge yourself and compete against other Substation go-ers within your age categories to win some decent prizes!

Feel free to get in touch for more information.

After Hours – Curry Night – 29/02/20

Coming to you for the first time, we will be hosting a food night here at Substation. All our food is created fresh in house by our chefs with some fantastic creative dishes.

Service will include a variety of dishes and extras throughout the evening finishing with a desert if you still can manage! There will be limited numbers of spaces so pre-booking is required!

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Scarpa Boot Demo – (All Vegan Shoes) – 03/03/20

Thinking about purchasing a pair of shoes but want to try them first? We will be hosting a Scarpa Boot Demo where you can try a pre-selected range of new vegan shoes offered by Scarpa.

This event will run through the evening, so feel free to come down and try before you buy!

An Introduction To Inversion – Yoga Workshop – 15/03/20

Ever looked longingly at a headstand only to feel too shy to try in a class? Ever wondered how to fall without hurting yourself or how to use a wall or another person to support you in trying new upside down poses?

This class will provide you with a solid foundation with which to start your upside down journey into inversion work!

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Strength Training For Climbing  – 14/03/20

Is lack of strength limiting your climbing? Are you curious how to best gain strength?

Sam Yarwood will be delivering an in-depth workshop to translate gym based strength training to helping you climb harder! The workshop is suitable for climbers of any ability and not strength or lifting experience required.

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Acoustic Live Sessions – 02/05/20

As part of our new After Hours sessions, we are delighted to host ‘The Acoustics’ a local band including one of our very own climbers Joshua Brough. The 5 person band will be performing various covers stretching different genres on the 2nd May, so come on down and enjoy a pint alongside some great tunes!