We have been busy making sure your visit to Substation is as safe as possible.


We have been really busy cleaning the whole centre, painting and best of all – re-setting every single route in the whole place.

Whilst we really can’t wait to see you all back on the walls, please read the following safety measures we have put in place before you come flying through the doors..!

  • Social distancing should be maintained throughout the centre

  • We recommend liquid chalk

  • If check-in is busy there will be a queue outside

  • Arrive ready to climb as the changing rooms will be closed

  • Hand sanitising stations to be used when entering and exiting the centre, when leaving one area of the centre and regularly applied during your visit

  • Everyone entering the centre (including staff) will have their temperature checked (contactless thermometer), if the reading is high then they will unfortunately not be granted access

  • Each area of the centre will have a capacity, this will be monitored by staff and should this limit be reached, access will be restricted to the centre until there is sufficient space

  • Masks will not be mandatory, however we are happy for them to be worn by anyone at any time

  • Rental shoes must be worn with socks and will be completely disinfected after each customer

We won’t be operating a booking system for climbing – each part of the centre will have a maximum capacity and our staff will monitor this closely. However, given our floor area and current guidelines we don’t think capacity will be exceeded under normal conditions.


The studio is looking better than ever with a fresh paint job and some very fancy new artistic wall panels, it will be back in action from Monday 27th July with the following safety measures:-

  • Hand sanitising stations to be used on arrival and exit of the centre

  • Classes limited to eight students, this allows for two metres between all students and the teacher

  • All staff and customers will have their temperature checked on arrival, if it is over the recommended level they will be denied entry

  • If check-in is busy, customers will be required to queue outside with 2 metres spacing (bring a jacket if the weather is being British)

  • Please arrive within the 15 minutes before their class to limit congestion

  • No more than one person in the waiting/shoe removal area

  • Cubby holes are to be used by one customer at a time

  • You must bring your own mat – Our mats and props will be removed from the studio

  • Deep clean between classes including a full floor mop and anti-bac of door handles and cubby holes

  • Extraction system to be utilised between classes, the power of the fan will extract the whole rooms air within a matter of a couple of minutes

  • Minimum of an hour between classes to allow for air circulation and cleaning

  • Please arrive dressed for your class as changing rooms will be closed

  • You’re more than welcome to wear masks but this is not compulsory