Be your best

There’s two ways to get better at climbing; the first is to grit your teeth and just battle on. You’ll see results but it will take time and more often than not bad technique gets ingrained from the start.

The second is to take some time with one of our professionally trained coaches whether that’s for an introduction to the world of indoor bouldering for the whole family or if you’re pushing your physical and mental limits for your next competition. The experience and depth of knowledge our instructors offer will undoubtedly bring your climbing on from the get go.

With introductions free of charge and private lessons starting from just £28, getting good has never been more appealing.

Introduction to climbing


Here at Substation we know that sometimes the biggest obstacle to starting a new hobby or sport is taking a step in to the unknown which is why we offer free introductions to climbing. You get a pair of shoes and a dedicated instructor to take you through everything from safety to basic skills, it’s the perfect start to your climbing journey. 

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Private Lessons

From £28 per person

We offer private lessons and improver sessions, and these can be booked as an individual or as a group of up to five people. Many families take advantage of these lessons as a more in-depth introduction to our world of walls, holds and everything in between.
Our Sixty and Ninety minute lessons can be booked over the phone or by email. – 01625 440144

Sub-clubs are back

From 7 to 14 years old on every Monday and Friday.
Sub-club is a great way to keep your kids both physically and mentally active! This club brings likeminded kids together in a fun environment to climb and solve problems together.