From 7 to 14 years old on every Monday and Friday

Sub-club is a great way to keep your kids both physically and mentally active! This club brings likeminded kids together in a fun environment to climb and solve problems together.

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For 7-10 years old

For 10-14 years old


Located in Macclesfield

Our youth group sessions are incredibly popular and for good reason. They offer the perfect introduction to the world of indoor bouldering under the supervision of one of our coaches.

We will begin with a full safety briefing and warm-up then it’s straight into some climbing, this usually starts in “The Loft”, an area dedicated to easier and lower reach climbing. 

Over the hour the group will be introduced to basic climbing techniques, the etiquette of a climbing wall but most of all they will have fun and leave with a smile!

To book a group please give us a call.